Naija Places

Naija Places

FREE ANDROID GEOLOCATION APP. Download FREE at using your Androidâ„¢ Smartphone


FIND THE NEAREST PLACE. The app finds the your desired place of interest nearest to you from your current location using geolocation/sattelite tracking capabilities of your Androidâ„¢ phone
If the application can not recieve satellite signals or geolocation is not available on your phone, NaijaPlaces switches to data communication to try to find available places from a list of local areas you can choose from

Location Assist

MAP VIEW AND DIRECTIONS. Provides a graphical description of the most optimal route between your current location and your place of interest or destination.
Integrated Google Directional Services provides turn by turn description for Driving or Walking directions

Several Places

Functional categorizations of locations and places of interest that make it easy to find where you want to go:
Embassies, Agencies, Ministries
Financial Institutions
banks, ATMs, Insurance
Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Stores
Food and Hotels
Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Foods
Corporate Organizations
Multinationals, Financial Services
Utility and Services
Airports, Parks, Cafes, Services

Entertainment and Shopping
Cinemas, Clubs, Shopping Malls
Fashion and Lifestyle
Boutique, Salons, Gyms
Education and Religion
Primary, Secondary, Tetiary
Estate and Service Apartments

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